About Me

Jelena Mandic

Journey to Glass Artistry

Jelena Mandic’s story is one of transformation and artistic discovery. As the crowned Miss Serbia and Montenegro in 2005, she stepped into the limelight, showcasing not just beauty but a deep-rooted passion for culture and arts. This journey led her to the fascinating world of Murano glassmaking, blending her flair for the aesthetic with a skilled craft.

Educational Pursuits

Her educational odyssey at the renowned CERAM International Business School in France marked the beginning of a new chapter. Specializing in management and strategies in Tourism, Jelena ventured beyond conventional paths, delving into the intricate art of glass. Under the guidance of esteemed mentors like Claire Bangma and other global masters, she mastered the lamp-work technique, a skill that would define her future creations.

Artistic Glass Jewelry

Inspiration from Nature

Nature’s endless spectrum serves as a canvas for Jelena’s artistic expressions. Each creation is a homage to nature’s diversity, embodying its colors, forms, and textures. Her work is a celebration of the natural world, captured in the delicate medium of glass.

The Birth of UriJell

UriJell is not just a brand; it’s a story. It combines the fiery spirit of Jelena’s Slavic name with the divine essence of Archangel Uriel, symbolizing light and transformation. Each UriJell piece is a beacon of joy and a testament to the transformative power of art.

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